Flight Reservations & Ticketing

Hilma Tours & Travel assists clients in making flight reservations and provides ticketing services for domestic and international travel.

Tour Packages

The company offers a wide range of tour packages, including both leisure and study tours. These packages are carefully designed to provide unique and memorable experiences for travelers.

Airport Pick-ups & Transfers

Hilma Tours & Travel ensures a smooth and hassle-free arrival experience by arranging airport pick-ups and transfers for clients, ensuring a comfortable start to their journey.

Hotel Booking

Whether clients are looking for local or international accommodation, Hilma Tours & Travel assists in booking hotels that meet their preferences and budget, ensuring a comfortable stay.

Car Hire & Rental Services

The company provides car hire and rental services to clients who prefer to have their own transportation during their travels, offering convenience and flexibility.

Honeymoon Packages

Hilma Tours & Travel offers specialized honeymoon packages, curating romantic experiences for newlyweds to celebrate their love in stunning destinations.

Visa Handling & Assistance

The company assists clients in handling visa procedures and provides guidance throughout the visa application process, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

Travel Insurance

Hilma Tours & Travel offers travel insurance services to provide clients with financial protection and peace of mind during their journeys.